Everyone involved with the Northern Colorado Animal Rescue Alliance is an upaid volunteer. This is how it always has been and how we think it always should be. That means every dollar you donate goes directly to the cats. It goes to vaccinations, deworming treatments, diagnostics and more importantly spay and neuter surgery. While we have partnerships with veterinarians that provide a very low cost surgery we still have to cover various cost associated with transportation and trapping of the cats.

Want to know based on dollar amount? Here are a few of our most common purchases:

  • $5 buys us vaccines for one cat. We have a partnership with an area vendor that gives us the full vaccine profile at a greatly reduced cost. We vaccinate every cat that we perform surgery on.
  • $10 pays for the cost of a feline spay. We try to pay our veterinary partners at cost for materials. This covers the cost of anesthesia but not the time spent for veterinarians or veterinary technicians.
  • $15 pays for a Havahart Feline Trap. These traps are the bread and butter of what we do. We use every single trap we own during our major spay/neuter days and the limits of our traps are also the limits of our TNR program.
  • $30 pays for a month of dry kibble to be used at one of our maintained feral cat colonies. By providing food to the colony we see a massive reduction in disease and fighting as cats are less prone to wander and seek out food.
  • $100 pays the cost of printing 50 brochures. Education is a critical part of our mission and by distributing information to key locations (feed stores, pet stores, veterinary clinics, etc) we believe we can make the greatest impact.






Every dollar counts. And if you don’t have anything to spare, please considering volunteering your time. Use our contact form to apply.