At Northern Animal Rescue Alliance we try our best to take care of our Colorado cats. We have a lot of help from volunteers, and the local community is very supportive. Our Trap, Neuter & Return has been a success so far. Funds are not always available, but luckily, some people have big hearts, and we keep on doing what we do best, whenever we have the chance. So far, we have surgically altered almost 250 cats in the last 6 months!

In an uncontrolled environment, cats reproduce at a very fast pace. Every single time a female is in heat, there are a dozen Tomcats that are willing to do their “duty.” And that is how another six kittens are added to the homeless colony. It’s unhealthy and very sad, especially when you think about the life these kittens have. Not all will reach adulthood. Some die of starvation, other from untreated diseases. They have a difficult life, one they do not deserve. But it doesn’t have to be this way. If the population is kept at a healthy level, these cats can not only survive but instead, they can thrive.

The number of stray Colorado cats keeps growing. People keep abandoning cats. They’re irresponsible; they don’t spay or neuter their cats, which leads to an increasing cat population. Some people just feed a cat, but they don’t neuter/spay, and that particular cat is let to roam freely. That means, at some point, it will deliver a litter of kittens (if the cat is female). While the kindness is greatly appreciated, it has far reaching and somewhat damaging effects.

We refuse to give up. We dedicate our time, funds, and energy to save as many cats as possible. We are happy everytime we receive funds to trap and neuter another batch of cats. Not only that, but here at Northern Animal Rescue Alliance we also provide medical assistance to cats that are sick.

It all starts with gentle and safe trapping. We are aware that most stray cats don’t like human contact. They run, and sometimes we struggle to catch them, but with patience and perseverance, we manage to gather most of them. They are sorted according to status, feral, semi-feral, or adoptable. Most adoptable are the kittens because they have not spent a lot of time outside and they didn’t struggle to survive as long as adult cats.

Next, is neutering or spaying the adult cats. We are lucky to have veterinary partners that offer their surgical services at next to nothing. Their ears are tipped so we know which one of them we have already neutered/spayed once we release them. We return the ferals to their colonies. The ones who are semi-feral or young and show tameable signs, we put up for adoption via foster homes.Eventually, they end up in their forever homes. They end up in a place where they are loved and nurtured.

Northern Animal Rescue Alliance will always take care of the Colorado cats. But we need your help. It doesn’t matter how that support is delivered. Whether it’s funding or volunteering, we appreciate all the help we can get. Also, if you have questions, or if you know places such as barns and farms that may be willing to take in a few cats, don’t hesitate to contact us. We love to keep in touch with our local community. We hope that we can work together to help and save as many Colorado cats as possible.