Our mission is simple. We want to end feline suffering in northern Colorado and eventually the state. We focus the majority of our efforts on community cat programs that help feral and tame cats alike.

Some of our core tenants include:

  • While we support shelters and our mission is closely aligned with that of the sheltering community, we feel strongly that feral cats don’t belong in shelters. Feral cats are wild animals. We would think it ludicrous to shelter a fox or a mountain lion the same way we would shelter a house cat. Unfortunately, this happens every day in shelters across Colorado.
  • We believe in educating communities about community cats. Many of the complaints people have about cats are completely mitigated when cats are spayed or neutered. We believe more people would support Trap, Neuter, Return programs if they understand how profound the impact can be.
  • We believe in minimal intervention. Cats should surgically altered to manage the population but beyond that, most human intervention actually causes more problems than benefit. Sometimes the kindest thing we can do is stay out of it!